Telecom Communications, Inc. announced recently that its recent acquisition, IC Star MMS, Limited, has entered cooperation with 3721 Inter China Network Software Co. Ltd, which was recently acquired by Yahoo Holdings (Hong Kong) Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Yahoo, Inc.

Under the agreement, IC Star MMS will work with 3721 China Network Software to develop SMS, MMS, Coloring Ring Back Tone service and other wireless contents such as wall paper and gaming. 3721 will provide the technical platform and take part in promoting this new operation to its users that have 30 million keyboard resolutions every day.

Commenting on the partnership, Z.B. Liu, vice president in Business Development said: "The Chinese Keyword service is one of the most widely used service on the Internet in China, serving over 30 million keyword resolutions everyday and reaching over 90% of 60 million Chinese Internet users. 3721 has formed broad strategic partnerships with leading portals, search engines and close to 300 local ISPs throughout China. As a result, in addition to enjoying direct navigation and keyword search in the browser address line, Internet users in China can access the Chinese Keyword service from China's leading portals and ISPs."


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