Z/I Imaging Corporation, an Intergraph Company, recently announced InfoEarth Information Technology Co. Ltd., a subsidiary of Xing Tian Di Group, purchased the Digital Mapping Camera (DMC) to streamline accurate digital acquisition as it transforms its surveying and mapping production processes into a fully digital workflow.

Xing Tian Di's offerings include services for spatial remote sensing, geographical information systems (GIS) and global positioning systems (GPS). Xing Tian Di is one of China's leading high technology companies that integrates scientific research, software development and technology trade. Xing Tian Di produces digital terrain models and orthophotos for various Chinese organizations, such as local lands and planning departments. With the unmatched precision and quality of imagery captured using the DMC, Xing Tian Di can ensure it provides its customers with accurate products in a highly efficient manner.

As part of the evaluation process, Xing Tian Di flew several test photo flights that covered the Chang Zhou local airport and the city of Zhenjiang. Varying heights and scales were employed, including photo scales of 1:4000 and 1:7000 and heights up to 520 meters. During the photoflight of the airport, the DMC acquired 88 photos that covered 3 x 2 square kilometers each. The photoflight of Zhenjiang generated 2000 photos to test the full capacity of the camera. They also flew at scales of 1:6000 and 1:12000 in the Cuiping Mountain area and 1:25000 in Nanjing city. According to the digital image photogrammetric mensuration accuracy report issued by the Chinese government, the DMC met government accuracy standards for large-scale mapping.

Customers using the DMC have seen productivity gains and enhanced quality of deliverables with this complete digital workflow enabled through key features such as completely electronic Forward Motion Compensation (FMC) and 12-bit per pixel radiometric resolution. The system is comprised of four parallel cameras generating multispectral imagery for the acquisition of color composites and four high-resolution panchromatic cameras acquiring imagery that is digitally processed in order to form a single, large-format multispectral frame. The DMC can perform a wide range of aerial survey mission types and is capable of ground resolutions better than two inches. The sensor model of the DMC is based on the central perspective image, which allows processing of data in all existing exploitation systems.


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