Shi Dinghuan, spokesman of the Ministry of Science and Technology, announced recently that scientists have produced a commercialized version of a high-performance server–the Lenovo DeepComp 6800–which could be used for a precise 36-hour weather forecast on a specific area with just 30 minutes of computing work.

The server project was jointly funded by the ministry and the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), and will be equipped with a trunk node in the proposed national grid.

DeepComp 6800 is reported to be able to perform 5.324 trillion floating-point operations per second. Its practical running speed, measured by Linpack benchmark, a standardized test by computing linear algebraic equations, reaches 4.183 trillion per second.

Qian Depei, coordinator for the national high-tech research and development project on high-performance computers and related software, said building the national grid is their main target in achieving breakthroughs in the coming couple of years. The grid combines several high-performance servers, large-scale databases, expensive lab equipment, communication equipment and others into a giant network, which supports nationwide, or even worldwide, scientific research.


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