Nokia and China Telecom have signed a supplement to their existing frame agreement for further supply of DSL equipment.

Nokia will supply the Nokia D50 as well as the Nokia D500 next-generation multi-service access platform and related services. The current agreement covers the supply of equipment for 2004 and is a supplement to the frame agreement signed in June 2003. Delivery and implementation have already begun. Nokia will also be providing implementation and project management services, as well as care services to maintain the competitiveness of the network.

The Nokia D500 is a multiservice Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer (DSLAM) for broadband networks. It can handle IP, ATM and Ethernet traffic simultaneously, unlike any other DSLAM on the market today. And with its high-density and high-capacity capabilities, operators can future-proof their DSL access networks, operating in the ATM world of today while migrating toward the IP world of the future.


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