RCAI announced recently that it has entered into negotiations for distribution of the company's ALDEROX line of products throughout China.

This company is a member of ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) and is a recognized supplier of products to the petro-chemical, electric power and highway construction industries in China.

The trillion dollar Chinese economy is one of the fastest growing in the world and a large portion of this is being allocated to new construction. China plans to make 99% of its towns and 90% of its villages accessible by paved roads. By the year 2020, China plans to connect all of its major cities, linking them with 22,369 miles of road network. Additionally, China is currently working on 4.1 billion square feet of new housing projects, with 53.8 billion square feet to be built with government funding by 2005. These numbers do not include industry related construction, which is also growing rapidly.

The ALDEROX(TM) line of non-stick and cleaning products are a completely non-hazardous, 100% biodegradable blend of various all natural materials. With the use of this product, asphalt slides easily from truck beds, and concrete is easily released from forms and molds. The company's natural cleaners easily remove grease, oil and other tough-to-remove products.


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