Spectrum Signal Processing today announced that it has licensed its aXs(TM).62X subsystem technology to UTStarcom on a non-exclusive basis. Spectrum expects to realize revenue from the licensing of this technology, last-time product sales, and maintenance and technical support in 2003 and the first half of 2004.

UTStarcom also has the option to purchase engineering development services from Spectrum on an as-needed basis.

"Our arrangement with UTStarcom allows Spectrum to generate short-term revenue while pursuing the development of a new aXs product family. This next generation of aXs products will not incorporate Broadcom Corporation's CALISTO technology, but another leading-edge processor," stated Pascal Spothelfer, Spectrum's President and CEO. "Our next-generation aXs products will be fully pin and code compatible with our current aXs.62X products, giving our customers a seamless migration path."


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