AsiaInfo Holdings, Inc., a provider of high-quality software and solutions in China, today announced that it has signed several new contracts relating to its new Human Resource Management (HRM) and Business Intelligence (BI) offerings.

Through a contract with the China Iron and Steel Association (CISA), AsiaInfo will construct a human resources management information system for the organization that is supervising more than 150 major state-owned iron and steel enterprises. In addition, AsiaInfo has also signed two contracts with China's Ministry of Railway (MOR) for the provision of business intelligence solutions including an online cost calculation and analysis system and freight clearance system.

The new HRM contract with CISA is AsiaInfo's first entry into China's iron and steel industry. This contract marks the beginning of a long-term business relationship between CISA and AsiaInfo to develop and promote the use of computerized HRM systems throughout China's iron and steel industry. Under the terms of the agreement, AsiaInfo will implement an integrated HRM systems for CISA allowing efficient and just-in-time data collection, transfer, analysis and reporting for its personnel management, including professional promotion and career development, throughout its extensive organizations. As with other Chinese large-scale and State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) clients, the system will support CISA's HR needs with regard to specific government and domestic law requirements.

Under the terms of the two contracts signed with China's MOR, AsiaInfo will provide a computerized solution for the numerous transportation enterprises and departments under the Ministry's supervision, enabling them to perform independent cost inquiries and achieve real time freight cost clearance. Through these contracts, AsiaInfo has successfully been able to promote its BI business to a new customer base in the transportation industry.


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