INTAC International, Inc. today announced the redirection of its business plan from the traditional distribution of premium brand wireless handsets to its new Internet joint venture, Beijing Intac Purun Educational Development Ltd (Intac Purun).

Intac Purun was formed in September 2003 with China Putian Corporation (Putian) and the Ministry of Education in China. Intac Purun was established under the project name Career Net to meet the growing need for expanding the employment opportunities for graduates of higher level education institutions in the PRC. The Ministry of Education has already established a database of more than 3.3 million graduates which will be made exclusively available to Intac Purun. Intac Purun will provide this comprehensive employment information over its Internet portal to facilitate these graduates employment search and future career development.

This Internet portal will also offer employers a platform to list open positions available to final year graduates contained within this unique and exclusive database. This fee based premium service will be linked to an Employment Service Website of The Ministry of Education, a non-profit website used to communicate information to these university graduates. To further enhance the business prospects and opportunities afforded by this unique association with the Employment Service Website and data base of graduate students, the Company is exploring an array of premium products and services which will be made available through Intac Purun. This Internet portal is being tailored to meet the ever growing student demand for these type products and services.

At the present time, the Company continues to assemble an experienced management team for Intac Purun in order to execute an effective business plan while at the same time, ensuring that the joint venture has adequate capital to accomplish its goals. Intac Purun is expected to generate revenues in the first quarter of 2004.


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