Nicholas Investment Company, Inc. today announced that management of SINO UJE, Ltd., its subsidiary company, has begun a five week initiative to Europe and China with the goal of enhancing existing relationships and exploring new opportunities with targeted suppliers of Western technologies for distribution into the China market.

Chris Bickel, President of SINO UJE, Ltd., commented, "This is a multi-faceted program that allows SINO to move forward in three specific ways. First, SINO plans to expand operations inside and outside of China. Second, we will aggressively target and pursue additional exclusive supplier agreements. Finally, SINO anticipates actively investigating joint venture opportunities that will allow chosen suppliers to expand their presence on the Chinese Mainland, while allowing SINO to participate in that expansion with an equity stake in the joint venture."

Nicholas Investment Company, Inc. is a business development company whose core focus is to seek out strategic investments in a number of growth industries. The company has acquired 100% of Javelin Holdings, Inc., a small business consulting firm, and 95% of SINO UJE, a non stocking distributor that sells and services western manufactured high-tech products to markets throughout China. Nicholas Investment Company intends to continue in its stated goal to raise capital for investment into small, cash-flow positive businesses in targeted fields, and then provide management assistance and growth capital.


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