ZTE Corporation announced today that sales of its GSM equipment have now reached more than 20 countries around the world, in addition to it now having supplied all the provinces within China.

In 2003, ZTE won major GSM deals in countries including Pakistan, Nigeria, Ethiopia and Russia, most of which are large-scale turn-key projects. For example, ZTE won the GSM project of NITEL in Nigeria, and ZTE will deliver a full package of GSM and GPRS main equipment for four large cities in the country. In Russia, ZTE signed a contract with SMARTS, one of the largest GSM operators in the country.

To date, ZTE is one of the few wireless vendors providing GSM/ CDMA/ PHS products to operators, whereas competitors can supply only one or two types. ZTE's differential GSM WLL and GPRS solutions have won high praise from operators in Peru and Chile. ZTE's in-depth cooperation with multinational carriers such as Spanish Telecom, Portuguese Telecom, MIC and Telifonica is also progressing well. In China, ZTE has become one of the largest suppliers of short message equipment. By 2003, ZTE's short message system had a total processing ability of more than 86.4 million BHSM (busy hour short messages). In Shanghai, China's biggest city, ZTE has provided a SC system for Shanghai Mobile, which is now the largest SC in the world.

In 2003, ZTE launched its BTS Version 2, one of the largest applications of its kind in the world, which is highly integrated (12TRX/RACK) and supports dual bands. And ZTE's self-developed GSM version that supports migration form 2G and 3G has won excellent achievements in MTNET tests organized by MII (Ministry of Information Industry). ZTE now already completes its GSM solutions for 850M, 900M, 1800M, 1900M and EGSM. ZTE is also developing 2.75G Edge products, which support a migration from GSM, GPRS and EDGE to WCDMA.


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