CyberLink Corp., a Tawian-based developer of digital video software and training solutions, introduced today its 4th generation of CyberLink MPEG CODEC to deliver the best video quality with shortest video processing time possible.

CyberLink has been in the business of developing MPEG encoding and decoding (CODEC) software for almost ten years. With the latest video engine in PowerDirector 3, users can reduce the time it takes to process an edited video by up to 50%, meaning that users have more time available to spend on creating videos with special effects and less time waiting. In addition, it also ensures that the final video production looks closer to those movies seen on consumer VCDs or DVDs. The 4th generation of CyberLink MPEG CODEC used in PowerDirector 3 optimizes the video display format, so that both non-interlaced PC monitors and interlaced televisions can display the video with the best results.


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