fastmobile, the mobile instant communications company, today announced their execution of a commercial contract for marketing, sales and operations in China. This agreement with UP Technologies is the first of its kind bringing fastchat to China's GSM-GPRS networks.

Planned for launch later this year on a range of handsets including the Nokia 6600 Smartphone and an embedded handset from a soon to be announced partner, fastmobile's fastchat instant communications service gives mobile phones the combined power of push2talk (aka voice instant messaging) and multimedia communications. Driven by a presence-based contact list, fastchat seamlessly integrates these messaging mediums into a powerfully simple service that also links the mobile and PC worlds via Instant Messaging and email.

The commercial contract includes jointly agreed customer commitment goals as well as an undisclosed sum of marketing and promotional investment committed by UP Technologies upon the launch of fastchat in several key provinces.


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