CyberLink Corp., a Taiwan-based developer of digital video software and training solutions, introduced today its SVRT II, the second generation US-patented Smart Video Rendering Technology, enabling PowerDirector to render edited MPEG-1 and 2, and DV-AVI video faster than ever, while preserving the quality of the original source file.

SVRT is a US-patented proprietary technology from CyberLink that intelligently recognizes the portions of a movie clip that have been modified, and then only renders those portions during production, not the entire clip. With SVRT I, CyberLink's original patented rendering technology, the SVRT engine rendered a portion of video together with its audio, and left the remaining parts of video and audio untouched.

With the recently released SVRT II, the improved SVRT engine breaks movie clips into their component video and audio parts, renders video separately from the audio track (and then merges the two streams later) to make the process even faster. SVRT II renders only the audio or video portion that has been modified. This further reduces the amount of time needed for production. CyberLink's SVRT is available during production when the frame rate, frame size, and file format of each clip are the same. The bit-rate should also be similar. In this case, SVRT is used to render the files. If any clips do not meet the above criteria, they are fully rendered without SVRT.


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