CinemaElectric, Inc. announced the launch of its mobile multimedia content offerings in Asia via Singapore-based partner Orange Gum PTE Ltd.

Orange Gum will be distributing CinemaElectric content via the following Asian operators: New World Mobile (Hong Kong), SmarTone (Hong Kong), FarEasTone (Taiwan), KG Telecom (Taiwan), Mobitai (Taiwan), Taiwan Cellular Corporation (Taiwan); and portals "WebWalker" (by Kyocera, Singapore) and "Relaxz Park" (China and Taiwan).

The partnership offers color wallpapers and animated MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) content as well as PocketCinema video content and applications to the largest mobile phone market in the world. Orange Gum shall handle interaction with local mobile phone carriers and portals, as well as the distribution, billing and support. CinemaElectric is believed to own the world's largest library of formatted multimedia content for mobile devices, with a focus on global distribution. Mobile operators are heavily promoting multimedia sales globally in order to boost data sales and raise Average Revenue Per User (ARPU).


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