It is expected that China Telecom's current special service phone numbers (such as 114 and 112) will soon be replaced by a single multi-functional hotline–10000.

This new hotline is expected to provide a whole range of services including fixed-line repair reports, Little Smart and broadband service, bill inquiries, service consultation, and a complaints department. China Telecom will market this new service as a "Business Hall in the Air."

Currently, there are still a range of different numbers for special services. For example, customers have to dial 114 when they need to find the telephone number of a particular company or enterprise, and 112 when they want to report a failure or problem during a phone conversation. It is udner the belief that it is more difficult for users to remember so many numbers for different services, that China Telecom intends to unify all of the current service numbers and combine them under the 10000 number to offer customers a standardized service.


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