Communication Intelligence Corporation (CIC), the leader in biometric signature verification & natural input software and a supplier of electronic signature solutions, announced today that its 90% owned joint venture, Communication Intelligence Computer Corporation, Ltd. (CICC), has signed a licensing agreement for its InkTools, biometric, electronic signature and natural input software with the Department of Finance of Guangdong Province.

The Department of Finance of Guangdong Province is a department of the Guangdong provincial government. Businesses and government agencies in China have historically used a 'seal' or 'chop' for signing documents and correspondence. This agreement represents a continuing trend within these organizations to utilize the latest advances in electronic signature and intuitive input technology to automate these processes. Key CICC's government agency deployments include Nanjing Municipal Government, Nanjing Civil Engineering Bureau, Nanjing Equipment Bureau, QianDau City Government, Shanghai Municipal Government, Jiangsu Construction Bureau, Beijing Tax Bureau, China Aviation Bureau, China Ministry of Agriculture, China Ministry of Railways, China Ministry of State Security and China National Audit Bureau.

CICC's InkTools provides enterprises the ability to increase productivity, decrease costs and increase the ease of use for their employees and customers by enabling a more intuitive and natural way for people to interact with today's personal computers using handwriting recognition, document annotation, handwritten email, electronic chops and biometric signature verification.


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