HI Corporation announced today that the company has concluded an agreement with a Chinese mobile handset manufacturer Amoi Mobile Co., Ltd. for HI to license it Mascot Capsule Engine Micro3D Edition to Amoi for embedding into Amoi's mobile handsets.

Amoi is a Chinese mobile manufacturer under local ownership with a growing market share in the country. The agreement recently reached between HI and Amoi calls for HI to supply Amoi a one-year license to embed Micro3D Edition in mobile handsets which Amoi will produce for sale either in China or abroad. This means that mobile handsets capable of operating 3D items will be supplied to Chinese and foreign markets in the near future, resulting in market expansion for 3D content throughout the world. The sale of handsets embedded with Micro 3D Edition under this license will start in 2004.

Mascot Capsule Engine represents real-time 3D rendering software that enables a full 3D perspective for content display, including the background, with the introduction of Z sorting. Already implemented in Japan for NTT DoCoMo 504i and 505i series handsets, Vodafone Japan handsets, and KDDI handsets, Micro 3D Edition has been embedded in over 20 million handsets shipped. With its adoption by Korea's largest mobile carrier SK Telecom and license agreement with Motorola, Inc., Mascot Capsule Engine is gaining recognition around the world as the mobile standard for 3D rendering in world markets.


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