Mindspeed Technologies Inc., a supplier of semiconductor solutions for network infrastructure applications, today announced that Harbour Networks Inc. is shipping Mindspeed's traffic stream processor (TSP) solution in its Bighammer 6800 series backbone intelligent multi-layer switch.

Beijing-based Harbour Networks is a leading provider of broadband Internet Protocol (IP) network solutions to telecommunications carriers, service providers, enterprises and government departments throughout China. The company supplies a variety of customers, including China Telecom, China Netcom, China Unicom, China Railway Communication, as well as finance and service industry, education and government institutions. The Bighammer 6800 series switch allows increased network capacity and improved communications performance by featuring high-port densities, a wide variety of interfaces, and sophisticated quality-of-service (QoS) features for next-generation IP-based networks.

The TSP CX27470 is integrated on the 8 x 155 Mbps asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) line card for the Ethernet switch contained in the Bighammer 6800. The CX27470 delivers a suite of traffic-management functions, including scheduling, shaping, policing, queuing, buffer management, congestion control, statistics and alarms. The combination of the CX27470 network processor and ready-to-use firmware offers networking equipment manufacturers a complete solution for immediate application in new system designs that will enable revenue-generating services.

The CX27470 is the second generation of TSP, the industry's first programmable, traffic management and internetworking engine to offer wire-speed performance for gigabit-scale packet and cell networking equipment. The CX27470, with a uniprocessor architecture and multiple hardware assist engines, adapts the protocol and flow of up to 64,000 input traffic streams to managed traffic streams in an output data path. The CX27470 TSP can define traffic streams as packets or cells, allowing it to manage a wide range of asynchronous transfer mode (ATM), packet-over-SONET (POS), frame relay and multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) applications up to OC-12 rates.


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