Xybernaut Corporation today announced it has been granted a patent by China related to the Company's Transferable Core intellectual property (IP). This advanced mobile technology allows users to take their computer's "brain" and data anywhere.

The Chinese patent, called "Transferable Core Computer," describes a computer system comprised of two separate structures. The Transferable Core, which is about a third the size of a cell phone, contains the "brains" of a PC – processor, memory, storage and I/O circuitry, desktop, software applications and information – everything but the power supply and display. When plugged into what the Company calls an "enclosure," which can be anything from a stripped down laptop, to a cell phone, to the dashboard of a car, the core unit becomes a true "personal" computer.

This Transferable Core allows the computer user to keep only the computer components needed while allowing the user to easily remove or transfer components that are not needed or essential. The true benefit of Xybernaut Transferable Core patented technologies is that, regardless of what enclosure is used, the operator always has a familiar computing environment. The operating system, software, applications, data and the look-and-feel of your personal desktop are the same.

Through strategic relationships and licensing agreements with a growing base of leading equipment manufacturers, resellers and integrators, Xybernaut intellectual property is readily available to third party organizations. Xybernaut has already entered into licensing and business combination relationships with international companies to develop technologies and solution services directly rooted in Xybernaut IP.


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