Credence Systems Corporation today announced that Jiangsu Changjiang Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. has purchased multiple ASL 1000(TM) test systems.

Changjiang, a leading test and assembly subcontractor in China, will use the systems for high volume production test of mixed-signal integrated circuits (ICs) for consumer devices.

With over 1200 systems installed worldwide, the ASL 1000 is recognized as one of the industry's most successful production test systems for analog devices. The system provides a focused solution for linear and analog mixed-signal test by specifically addressing the increasing need for power delivery and multi-site capabilities. The ASL 1000 offers production performance and economic benefits to customers, making the system ideal for testing price-sensitive devices. The ASL 1000's architecture allows Changjiang to easily tailor the system to meet the specific needs of a range of devices, reducing overall cost-of-ownership. The system offers a diverse selection of instrumentation to address a number of analog mixed-signal ICs, from integrated power management devices and advanced linear devices such as op-amps to discrete power switches.

The ASL 1000 system is a test solution for standard linear and analog mixed-signal devices providing multi-site testing to more than 100 sites for higher throughput. Its configurable architecture helps to decrease test time, offers high repeatability and accuracy, and dramatically reduces the overall footprint of the system in testing a wide range of devices. The ASL 1000 is one of the most successful production test systems for analog devices, with more than 1200 systems in use worldwide.


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