Park Electrochemical Corp. announced that it is establishing a new manufacturing facility in China to support the growing customer demand for advanced multilayer printed circuitry materials in China.

The facility will operate under the name Nelco Technology (Zhuhai FTZ) Ltd. (Nelco Zhuhai). Nelco Zhuhai will be located approximately 50 miles west of Hong Kong in the Zhuhai Free Trade Zone in Zhuhai, China and will be a wholly-owned subsidiary of Park's Nelco Products Pte. Ltd. business unit located in Singapore. Nelco Zhuhai will provide advanced multilayer circuitry laminate materials, as well as customer and technical support services, to leading electronics manufacturing customers throughout China. These advanced laminate materials will be produced by Nelco Zhuhai. Park expects the Nelco Zhuhai facility to be operational in the 2006 fiscal year third quarter ending November 27, 2005. Park intends to invest approximately U.S. $5 million to U.S. $7 million in the facility, which will consist of approximately 40,000 square feet and will ultimately employ approximately 100 employees.


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