The popularity of South Korean drama Squid Game is unrivalled. The survival series, which debuted in mid-September this year, has become the No 1 show on Netflix in more than 90 countries. Social media and news sites have inspected the plot, characters and games so extensively that those who have not even seen a single episode of the show are probably familiar with some of the details. The show’s 20-track soundtrack has also garnered plenty of attention. Snippets of the soundtrack are trending on social media, with creative folks uploading their own versions of Squid Game ’s music. Here are five recreations of Squid Game ’s soundtrack that are definitely worth checking out. How Squid Game’s Jung Ho-yeon became an overnight icon Squid Game (A cappella) by MayTree South Korean a cappella group MayTree has showcased its talents by recreating Microsoft Windows start-up sounds, various game theme tunes and iPhone sound effects just using their voices, without the help of musical instruments. In the video above, the five-member group recreated signature sounds from Squid Game, including the noises of the laser-eyed giant doll in the Red Light Green Light game featured in the show. At the time of writing, the video has got over 200 million views on YouTube and TikTok. Red Light Green Light (Remix) by Eka Gustiwana The one line chanting in Korean in the Red Light Green Light game could easily be the most spine-chilling sound in Squid Game , yet Eka Gustiwana of Indonesian EDM trio Weird Genius managed to turn it into a funky dance anthem. It’s still pretty eerie, even with all the up tempo beats. Reel lives: 11 actors who won Oscars for playing historical figures Squid Game: Pink Soldiers (Soner Karaca Remix) by Soner Karaca This dance tune was remixed by Soner Karaca. Imagine this track playing mid-set in a club; while everyone is waiting for the drop to switch up their moves, a surprise turns up instead and completely changes the mood. Squid Game Song from Game 1 to 5 by Rob Landes American violinist Rob Landes is known for covering music from video games, memes and films in lighthearted settings, and here he goes through the songs of games one to five in the drama series. What to watch on Netflix in October – from a new K-drama to Diana: The Musical Squid Game – Way Back Then (Netflix) by Right Now Piano The last one is for those who would like to recreate the haunting vibe of the soundtrack themselves. As titled, this is a simple version that anyone can probably handle even without knowing how to read sheet music. Just watch this video and you will be able to play it on a virtual piano keyboard on a tablet or laptop.