Cambridge Positioning Systems Ltd (CPS), specialists in mass market high accuracy location technology, and Wisemax, a leading developer of value added mobile services, announce plans to jointly target the Chinese wireless market with a unique location-based applications and enabling technology package.

The two companies will jointly market a range of location-based applications that can be supported by CPS's Matrix technology to operators in China. Beijing-based Wisemax are well-established regional suppliers of MMS, SMS and location-enabled applications to operators including China Unicom and China Mobile Communication. As well as developing revenue-generating applications, Wisemax is also well regarded for their technical support and systems integration skills. Wisemax will work exclusively with CPS' Matrix solution as, according to Wisemax CEO Li Changbai, they believe it offers the best means to support mass-market high accuracy location based services. Matrix's new "user plane" solution will be used to underpin the partnership.

Initially, the two companies will target Chinese GSM operators with a portfolio of applications to drive high accuracy location service adoption.

Matrix is a unique software-only solution that combines sub-100m accuracy with rapid location time-to-fix and consistent performance across outdoor and indoor environments–for less than $1 per subscriber. Until now, location-positioning information has been delivered over GSM using the "control plane"–the internal GSM signalling. Utilising the "user plane"–via IP over GPRS or SMS–operators can deploy the Matrix solution across networks from different equipment vendors in a transparent and seamless way. In turn, this leads to

operational cost benefits.


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