TechnoConcepts, Inc., the developer of the True Software Radio (TSR) technology for wireless communication that allows different wireless protocols to communicate with each other, today announced it has opened an office in Shanghai. The new Shanghai office will be fully functional April 1, 2004.

TechnoConcepts, Inc. has developed a technology that enables competing wireless standards to understand each other by incorporating a transmitter/receiver (transceiver) based on a computer chip with TechnoConcepts' revolutionary True Software Radio (TSR) technology with the antennae of wireless devices. With this technology, cell phone users can enjoy seamless roaming anywhere in the world–police and fire departments can talk to each other regardless of their radio systems–and military forces from various countries can communicate with each other directly. TSR is a cost-effective technology that can allow for direct device-to-device communication. The company is working with a number of major wireless communications companies for the use of its technology in military, consumer and industrial applications.


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