Genesis Technology Group, Inc., an international business development firm that fosters bilateral commerce between companies in the West and China announced today the signing of a License agreement with Com-Guard, Inc., a California-based software design firm.

The Company's unique Com-Guard software that enables users to monitor, limit and record access to data and report illicit activity to cell phones and PDA cell phones that provides a security system against tampering and unauthorized use of one's computer.

Dr. Edward W. Savarese, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Com-Guard, commented: "After just returning from China with the Genesis team, I am confident that we have tremendous potential with firms in China that are developing applications for the mobile market. The Chinese development community demonstrated it's determination in implementing our software technology on mobile devices."

As a result of the product presentations and demonstrations by Dr. Savarese in Shanghai, Genesis Technology Group also announced it has entered a letter of intent with Shanghai Zhongyu Communication & Technology Company, Limited, a wireless content provider, aggregator and mobile marketing provider in Shanghai, to memorialize the interest among Genesis Technology Group, Shanghai Zhongyu and Com-Guard, Inc. (CGUD) to explore the possibility of entering into any one of several business relationships among the parties. The business relationship among the parties ranges from licensing, joint venture partnership to direct investment.


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