Sun Microsystems, China Unicom, and ZRRT (Beijing ZRRT Communication Technology Co. Ltd.), a service provider in China, have signed a far-reaching agreement to deliver advanced mobile data, information, and entertainment services to more than 90 million China Unicom wireless subscribers.

This development is seen as an indication of the potential for rapid growth of mobile data services in China and will speed the deployment of mobile services such as Java games. The partnership builds on the existing Sun-China Unicom-ZRRT alliance announced in September 2003 to develop and deliver Java technology-based, mobile applications and services in one of the world's leading wireless markets under the brand UniJa.

The UniJa technology will be offered to all handset manufacturers. Millions of Java handsets are expected to become available in the China market, all conforming to the UniJa specification. The UniJa alliance helps communications service providers, infrastructure providers, value-added service providers, and content providers to leverage the Java platform and fully utilize China Unicom's network to deliver advanced mobile data services to consumers. Based on international standards, the UniJa platform will allow China Unicom to ensure complete data services security, protecting the rights of content developers and service providers. The UniJa platform also enables delivery of online and offline games, enterprise services, communications services, entertainment services, e-trade, and e-commerce capabilities.

The three partners will also develop a Java technology lab to explore the needs of the market, develop next-generation UniJa services, expand the UniJa network, and carry out mobile certification and testing. Developer workshops and training courses will be held to help developers refine skills and learn more about opportunities with UniJa technologies.


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