ZTE Corporation was recently granted the right to draft the new ITU-T standard, X.msec-3, in the capacity of an editor, at the fifth ITU-T SG17 plenary meeting in Geneva.

It is the first time for Chinese enterprise to draft the international standards in the information security area. As information security becomes the concern of the telecom industry, SG17, as a key working group on information security, is setting new ITU-T standards X.mec-1/2. The Japanese and Korean participants are working on those standards.

At this meeting, ZTE also submitted three recommendations concerning information security, which aroused great interests and won the recognition among the delegates. Finally, a resolution was made that SG17 will set a new standard X.msec-3 based on ZTE's recommendations, and ZTE is entitled to be the leader in the drafting.

To date, ZTE has been granted the right to draft three ITU-T standards as an editor–G.raman, Y.vpn-qos and X.msec-3. In October 2003, ZTE was granted the right to draft the G.raman standards at the fifth ITU-T SG/WP 15 (optical and other transport network) plenary meeting. This was the first international standard written by a Chinese enterprise in the optical communication area. In February 2003, ZTE was granted the right to draft the Y.vpn-qos standards as an editor at the fifth ITU-T SG 13 (Multi-protocol and IP-based networks and their internetworking) meeting.


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