Oridus, Inc., provider of secure, cross-platform enterprise collaboration software solutions, has teamed up with Chunghwa Telecom Global, a subsidiary of Taiwan's leading telecommunications company, to promote new and interactive Web-conferencing solutions for customers conducting business in Asia and throughout the world.

Chunghwa Telecom Global is working with Oridus' SpaceCruiser collaboration and desktop sharing technology to add a feature-rich multimedia, video/audio dimension to its teleconferencing services.

The alliance will also establish Chunghwa Telecom Global as the first service provider for Oridus' collaboration technology in Asia. Oridus has stated that, over time, the relationship will broaden to encompass other business units and divisions at Chunghwa.

SpaceCruiser creates a secure and robust Internet communication environment for desktop sharing, multimedia Web conferencing and remote access. It runs cross platform and supports all applications so data, voice and video can be easily presented and modified on various remote desktop computers by leveraging Chunghwa Telecom Global's existing telecommunication infrastructure. When Chunghwa Telecom Global rolls out this value-added service, its customers will be able to deliver corporate presentations, conduct team meetings and training sessions, as well as collaborate on highly graphical product design and technical content in real-time over the Internet.


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