Qiao Xing Universal Telephone, Inc. announced today that CECT, its subsidiary engaging in mobile phones manufacturing and distribution, commences partnership with Skyworks Solutions, Inc., the wireless semiconductor company focused on radio frequency (RF) and complete cellular system solutions for mobile communications applications, to incorporate Skyworks highly integrated GSM/GPRS cellular system solution for launching several next generation handsets geared for today's diverse consumer.

CECT is incorporating Skyworks' complete cellular system solution across a number of new phones, from compact, dual-color models with built-in mirrors for fashion-conscious consumers to feature-rich platforms for business users that leverage GPRS data capabilities, wireless application protocol (WAP) browsing functionality and handwriting input support. By employing such solution, CECT has introduced to the market the T688 mobile phone, of which CECT's chief distributor, Beijing Jia Sheng Rui Tong plans to sell 500,000 units within 5 months to bring estimated revenue of US$120M to CECT.

Skyworks' system solution includes all major integrated circuits, a full protocol stack, comprehensive development tools and extensive customer support for building a complete Internet-enabled GSM/GPRS handset. The hardware portion of Skyworks' solution includes all digital and analog baseband processing, multi-band/multi-slot power amplification, power management, battery-charging and transceiver functions. The system also incorporates Skyworks' low-power, direct-conversion transceiver (DCR). Skyworks' protocol stack has been field tested, qualified and approved in more than 50 countries, and by more than 70 GSM network providers worldwide.


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