According to Red-M, a provider of security and control products, China now supports Bluetooth over other wireless spectrums such as 802.11 and must also take the appropriate security measures that come with the benefits of the Bluetooth standard.

With this in mind, Red-M, intends to present its strategies for securing and controlling networks in the wireless world at the Wireless China 2004 on April 27 in Shenzhen.

The appeal of wireless has grown exponentially in China as the country leverages the effectiveness of WLANs in extending user and enterprise productivity. Despite the common perception that Bluetooth is merely a short-range wireless standard, Bluetooth is capable of extending data sharing capabilities to long distances, in some cases up to 100 meters–the length of a football field. This fact, combined with China's proliferation of Bluetooth-enabled devices, particularly in dense metropolitan areas, is what makes Bluetooth a double-edged sword, and WLAN security a must.

Red-M's complete suite of products protects against both Bluetooth and 802.11 vulnerabilities. Red-M's products include: Red-Vision, the Microsoft Windows XP-based centralized console to control and manage the network, hardware and all end-devices; Red-Detect Server 3.5, a multi-probe, server-based enterprise solution that detects rogue 802.11 and Bluetooth-enabled devices, then disrupts and quarantines them; and Red-Alert Pro, the standalone wireless probe to detect the presence of Bluetooth and the 802.11 a, b and g WLAN bands.


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