Local media reports that Haier has signed a contract with Macedonia's Education Department to sell 100,000 computers, worth about EU$24 million, to the country.

The 100,000 computers will be used in 164 middle and primary schools across Macedonia.

Gao Yicheng, director of Haier Group's Computer Department, says this is the largest deal that Haier has ever signed with a European country. And the significance of this contract lies in that it not only helps Haier seize the computer market of Macedonia, but also places it in a new development direction in the Balkan region.

Since March, 2007, Macedonia has been inviting bids for this computer deal. A total of 20 companies have reportedly purchased the bidding books and seven of them participated in the bidding, Except for Haier, all of the others are reportedly from Europe.

Haier Group aims to sell 1.6 million computers this year, including 400,000 to be exported from China.


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