Communication Intelligence Corporation (CIC), which offers biometric signature verification & natural input software and a leading supplier of electronic signature solutions, announced today that its 90% owned joint venture Communication Intelligence Computer Corporation, Ltd. (CICC) has signed a licensing agreement for its InkTools, biometric, electronic signature and office automation tools with Shanghai Municipal Radio Administration Committee (SMRAC).

The Executive Office of SMRAC, with five departments, has the following main responsibilities: to implement and carry through the national guiding principles, policies, laws and regulations on radio administration, to develop the local provisions on radio administration, to coordinate and deal with the radio administration issues in the local administrative area, to examine and approve the construction layouts and sites of radio stations (service centers) within its extent of authority, to distribute the frequencies and call signs of radio stations (service centers) and issue licenses for them, and to take charge of radio monitoring within the administrative area of Shanghai.

As part of a larger project, to improve Office Automation (OA) solutions, SMRAC will be incorporating CICC's Inktools features for: Chinese Handwriting Recognition, document annotation, handwritten email, biometric signature verification and electronic signatures in place of the traditional "chops or seals."


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