Huawei Technologies, a supplier of telecom infrastructure, today announced that the company won China Telecom's national backbone contract.

The purpose of this project is to optimize Guangdong provincial 163 backbone network. According to the contract, Huawei high-end router NE5000 won 100% market share of the TSR procurement contract (totally 10 sets) and successfully entered into two super nodes of the national backbone. Meanwhile, Huawei gigabit switching router NE80 won 75% market share in this project.

With the deployment to be finished, Huawei NE5000 and NE80 core routers will act as one of the most important forces of ChinaNet national backbone and will run on the highest layer of China Telecom network. Actually, Huawei series of data communication products have become the main force of all China carriers' new network construction, including the backbone network, metropolitan network and access network.


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