China Mobile, one of the world's largest mobile communications operators, has just published its corporate social responsibility report for 2008.

In the report, China Mobile says that it invested a total of CNY19.5 billion in 2008 to make mobile telephone services accessible in more than 60,000 remote villages in China. In addition, it donated up to CNY300 million in both cash and material contributions to earthquake areas in Sichuan and helped train several thousand teachers for rural schools in western China.

The report shows that China Mobile established 2,135 environmentally-friendly base stations in 2008 and it made tangible headway in promoting green packaging with its suppliers and greatly reducing its energy consumption.

According to Wang Jianzhou, head of China Mobile, in 2009 the company will continue to fulfill its responsibilities in such key areas as rural communications, emergency communications, mobile phone culture, green packaging, and staff volunteer activities. In addition, in 2009 it will promulgate the China Mobile Corporate Social Responsibility Management Rules to integrate corporate social responsibility into its daily operation and development plans.

As a member of the UN Global Compact, China Mobile is the only company from mainland China that has been included in the Dow Jones sustainability index.


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