China Wireless Communications, Inc. has announced that it has completed the first phase of its metropolitan access network around the 4th ring road of Beijing and is actively selling its services to businesses.

This first phase of the China Wireless network is located in the core business district of northern Beijing. China Wireless can now provide high bandwidth business users with high-speed wireless services, Virtual Private Network and other wireless access, transport and enhanced data services. Presently, the company is aggressively negotiating with building management and owners in the core business district to connect their tenants, who are high bandwidth users, to its fiber network.

China Wireless Communications, Inc. provides a suite of broadband data services, including support for Internet access and Voice over IP in Beijing, China through its wholly owned subsidiary, In-Touch Communications. The company uses secure, fixed wireless technology to provide the 'last mile' connection to link bandwidth-hungry businesses to the fiber-optic backbone, and to the networks of its telecommunications partners. China Wireless systems are used to provide redundant high-speed network access connections, Voice over IP and transport services that include IP data, video and ISP services.


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