Accom, which works in the broadcast and professional video products, today announced the installation of the largest-ever Abekas 6000 Production Server network at Shanghai-based Oriental Television.

With 48 channels of video fitted within six Abekas 6000 server chassis, Oriental Television's installation encompasses production, post-production and editorial review functions. Part of the Shanghai Media Group, Oriental Television provides news and current affairs, arts and entertainment, music, and traditional folk opera channels, with a total audience of 130 million viewers.

Oriental Television's six Abekas 6000 Production Servers are connected via fibre-channel network, with four servers dedicated to I-Frame editing, one in a studio production role, and one serving a dual role in post-production and powering the Shanghai Media Group/Oriental Television theatre control room. To complete the installation, China's networking consultancy company Founder is developing custom, Chinese language software for Oriental Television, using the Abekas 6000's API developer kit. Founder's software will allow Oriental's senior editorial staff to review and approve clips on the Abekas 6000 network via PC browsers in their own offices, prior to final program assembly.


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