Lenovo has announced that it is technically prepared to promote products conforming to the State's WAPI standard when it is duly implemented on June 1, 2004.

This is the first time that Lenovo has made a clear statement on the issue. Lenovo has also been quick top emphasize that unlike Founder, which used IWNCOMM's wireless module technology to pass the WAPI appraisal, Lenovo has achieved the same end by means of its own "self-developed" technology.

Last year, Lenovo, currently China's largest laptop computer manufacturer, was claiming to offer "Pentium in all Products", which made some people unsure of the future of the national WAPI standard. This time, however, Lenovo's approach has changed dramatically, openly showing its ull support to the national standard. This suggests that the status quo of standard disputes between China and the US will also be dramatically altered with more domestic support being gained on China's part


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