On the heels of a major anti-Spam email conference held in Beijing by the Internet Society of China, a new report lists China as the host of the most spammer websites in the world.

The report issued by Commtouch showed that 71% of the URLs which appeared in the spam it analyzed came from China-based servers. The report did not make clear whether Commtouch took the next step to identify whether those URLs were forged or real.

The United States was ranked second by hosting 22% of the websites found in Spam email messages.

While China is hosting the most spammer websites, the United States continues to be the point of origin for the dissemination of spam, sending 60.5% of spam. The fact that 71% of spammers websites are hosted in China and 60.5% of the global spam is sent from the United States demonstrates that spam is a global problem and that spam is being sent from one country while another country is used as a hosted website to 'close the loop' of the spam transaction.

In regard to the global origin of spam in the month of April, Commtouch identified spam being sent from Internet Protocol (IP) addresses in 155 countries, with Hong Kong (analyzed separately from China) breaking in to the top 10 list of countries that send the most volume of spam email:

U.S. – 60.5%

China – 6.2%

South Korea – 4.9%

Canada – 4.3%

Brazil – 2.9%

France – 2%

Hong Kong – 1.7%

Spain – 1.7%

Japan – 1.2%

Netherlands – 1.2%


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