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Haier Builds New Factory In Kunshan

In order to meet the goal of doubling its sales in 2008, Haier Group plans to build a new computer factory in Kunshan, Jiangsu Province, apart from continuing the investment in the existing desktop computer factory in Dongguan.

Gao Yicheng, director of Haier Group's Computer Department, says that the construction of the Kunshan facility will be started before the end of this year, involving a total investment of CNY250 million and with a designed annual output of 3 million computers over the initial phase.

Gao says that Haier Group is helping Haier Computer discuss with its outstanding employees and best dealers on a possible deal involving stock options, for Haier Computer plans to get listed soon.

In addition to establishing the new factory, Haier Group also relocated its computer business from Qingdao to Beijing, which the Group's top management believes will help them better integrate their resources and recruit more talent.


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