CYOP Systems International will provide a co-branded multiplayer billiards game, exclusively for the Game Channel and Sina will be the exclusive online media company for CYOP's pool games and other free games offered to Hong Kong, Taiwan and United States.

According to IDC, China's online video game market reached CNY1.3 billion (US$159 million) in 2003 and is expected to grow to CNY6.7 billion (US$809 million) by 2007, representing a compounded annual growth rate of over 50 percent. Currently, the online video game market in China consists of massive multi-player online role-playing games ("MMORPG"). China is expected to mirror Korea over the next few years, where on-line games and game portal business has become an important segment of the overall online revenue-generating market.

SINA will localize and integrate the co-branded Chinese free pool games as well as other games. SINA will further arrange fixed entry points on SINA Taiwan and Hong Kong Game Channel (,, linking on-line traffic to the co-branded Games site in the US. In efforts of providing significant benefit to Sina's members, the ability to choose between free games, subscriptions games and tournament games will be available.


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