Shanghai Shanshan Science and Technology Co. Ltd's Li-ion battery carbon cathode material project has entered the mass-production stage.

The project is listed as the first national high-tech industrialization project at the Ningbo Shanshan Science and Technology Park and one of the mainland's national 863 projects. A total of $18.09 million was invested in this project, which is expected to turn out 800 tons of Li-ion battery carbon cathode materials every year. With its 1,000-ton annual capacity, Shanghai Shanshan could emerge as the mainland's largest supplier of this material.

Shanghai Shanshan is mainly engaged in the research and production of CMS and CMP Li-ion battery carbon cathode materials. It began producing 300 tons of CMS a year in December 2000, after the completion of its first phase of development. Through the project, the company can meet more demands from its local and international customers. The company also manufactures 300 tons of lithium cobalt oxide (LiCoO2) and 500 tons of electrolyte copper foils for Li-ion batteries every year.


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