TOM Online Inc., a mobile Internet company in China providing value-added multimedia products and services, today launched TOMusic Plus, in partnership with Beijing Music Radio, the music media in China.

The partnership between these two respective corporations is set to manifest itself through traditional themed products like music releases and entertainment news but formatted in cutting-edge technology, leveraging on TOM Online's wireless value-added service platform to create a new mobile digital entertainment brand.

Riding on TOM Online's leading wireless value-added service (VAS) platform, TOMusic Plus is being marketed as a brand new way to enjoy songs and music for music lovers, without compromising intellectual property. Not only will users be able to enjoy music more freely, but through this new way of "transmitting" music, a new business model across the industries including Internet, mobile telecommunications, and music media is hoped to emerge. TOM Online expects the new service will increase its user base resulting in higher profits for the company.

Via this partnership, TOMusic Plus allows users to vote for their favorite songs or singers directly from their mobile phone on the China Music Billboard hosted by Beijing Music Radio. TOM Online and Beijing Music Radio believe that through this cooperation, the China Music Billboard will further strengthen its leading position in China's music industry, broaden music lover's participation on the billboard, and allow users to interactively participate in the polling process, resulting in the dawn of a new mobile digital entertainment era.

A series of roadshows will be organized throughout China from 13 May to the end of June aiming to introduce TOMusic Plus services to millions of users across the country, setting the mobile digital entertainment trend in China.


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