Datang GoHigh Data Networks Technology Co., Ltd., a high-tech company based in China, today announced at the CHINA VOIP Conference that it has purchased Ubiquity's SIP Application Server to create a suite of SIP-based VoIP communications applications aimed at service providers and enterprises.

Datang Group's communications software division, Datang GoHigh Data Networks Technology, is responsible for developing turnkey application solutions for service provider and enterprise customers. Using Ubiquity's standards-based, programmable Service Creation Environment (SCE), GoHigh is initially creating a SIP-based prepaid calling application for carriers both in China and internationally, followed by conferencing, unified messaging and a host of other new IP-based services.

The Ubiquity SIP Application's SCE allows developers like Datang GoHigh to use a familiar and intuitive programming environment to quickly and cost-effectively create IP converged services like audio and video conferencing, unified messaging, prepaid calling, contact center and intelligent IVR services using a common, reusable set of Application Building Blocks.

SIP is a standard for setting up, modifying and terminating multimedia services or calls to one or multiple subscribers. SIP is based on the HTTP-based Internet approach. It is the protocol for networks of the future in that it provides not only telephony, but also services like presence, message notification, push services and their integration into the existing IP environment in the enterprise and carrier fields. SIP's independence of "lower layer" protocols and its versatility and modularity make integrating new services into existing IP-based networks easy.


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