Chinese Internet search engine has reportedly achieved cooperation with several mobile phone companies, including Samsung, Lenovo, Tianyu, and MediaTek, to further enhance its leading position in China's wireless search sector.

Early in 2006, already cemented strategic cooperation with the international mobile phone giant Nokia to provide Nokia's users with convenient access to's wireless search service. The cooperation between Samsung, Lenovo, Tianyu, and will be similar with that between and Nokia. Under the cooperation, will jointly develop wireless search client software with the three companies and will set an icon in the menus of mobile phones made by these companies.

In addition, will implement further cooperation with MTK and the two companies will jointly develop a search service based on the MTK operating system. As one of the world's largest mobile phone chip manufacturers and mobile phone system developers, MTK provides operating system solutions to over 90% of Chinese-made mobile phones. has also reportedly been selected as exclusive wireless search partner of China Unicom, but the rumor has not been confirmed officially.


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