Hong Kong based Artificial Life, Inc., a provider of intelligent mobile technology and applications today announced the release of several new products for mobile phones for English training for native Chinese speakers.

The new product line for mobile phones offers SMS (short message service) based English training courses for subscription, MMS (multi media messaging) based English training courses for subscription as well as English training Java Games for downloading. Information about the new products is available at the Company's newly launched mobile portal: http://www.botme.com. The products will be offered in co-operation with local Asian and Chinese telecom operators.

The initial product series for SMS covers the following topics:

— 6000 SAT Vocabulary Words

— Business English 500 (including business idioms, financial terms, stock market vocabulary, IT words and phrases)

— Every Day English

— Headline News English

— Sports English

— Health and TCM English

— Dating English

The initial MMS products cover:

— General English Level I Interactive

— Interactive English Sports (including soccer, horse racing, basketball

Interactive Java Games for English learning:

— Word Bomb

— Word Matrix

— Princess's Savior

— Fire Fighter


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