Information Technology (IT) media company TechTarget today announced it has partnered with ChinaByte, the leading IT portal in China, to develop Chinese-language versions of TechTarget's Web sites targeting specific communities of IT professionals.

The two companies will first launch Chinese-language versions of five TechTarget sites to provide Chinese IT professionals with immediate access to TechTarget content, including news and features, advice, and e-Newsletters. In a later phase, ChinaByte editorial staff will enhance each site with local content about Chinese IT professionals, vendors and their products.

TechTarget also announced a reciprocal sales agreement with ChinaByte, which will enable each company to sell advertising on the other company's media properties. The relationship will enable existing TechTarget advertisers to extend their marketing messages to Chinese IT professionals, and will allow Chinese companies to use TechTarget's highly efficient media to reach U.S. and China-based IT professionals as they research technology products and vendors.

The five sites slated for launch in June target some of the largest and fastest-growing sectors of the Chinese IT market are,,,, and


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