August Technology Corporation, a supplier of inspection, metrology and defect analysis solutions for the microelectronic industries, today announced that it has received multiple orders from a Chinese foundry.

The orders include wafer inspection equipment, defect analysis software, and FOUP (Front Opening Universal Pod) inspection equipment and are scheduled for third quarter installation. The first order, selected in a competitive bid process, is for an AXi system designed for Advanced Macro Defect Inspection throughout the wafer fab. The system has been specifically purchased for wafer-fab process control at the final outgoing inspection stage. The order also includes multiple components of August Technology's YieldPilot software products for defect and process analysis.

The AXi and YieldPilot products work together to enable microelectronic device manufacturers a fast and affordable means for better identifying and understanding critical macro defects that can inhibit yield. August Technology's high-speed, high-resolution advanced macro defect inspection systems have quickly become the tool of choice for the emerging application of final outgoing inspection, where device manufacturers often demand 100% inspection before shipping wafers from the fab.

The second order is for a CV Series wafer FOUP inspection system, the industry standard for verifying the dimensional integrity of wafer carriers and FOUPs. CV Series systems are today an integrated part of the wafer integrity strategy of virtually every 200mm and 300mm wafer manufacturer around the world, giving August Technology an estimated 95% world market share.


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