Zhengtong Company, an affiliate of the Beijing Communications Corporation, is under heavy pressure to construct its digital cluster for the Wireless Political Affairs Network, but network standards have still not been determined.

The Zhengtong Company currently works off the TETRA standard, a widely adopted international standard recommended by the United States. By the first half of 2007, Zhengtong Company is expected to increase user numbers to 150 to 200 thousand and base stations to 200-220, while the network is expected to serve all the communication needs of the 2008 Olympic Games venues in Beijing and six other regions.

In early 2001, the Ministry of Information Industry made iDEN, the American standard, and TETRA, the European standard, the two major digital standards for China. In China, Motorola uses iDEN while Nokia uses TETRA. Chongqing Railcom and China Satellitecom are secretly enforcing the digital cluster field since they also want a piece of the domestic mobile communication market. In mid June, China Satellitecom acquired Liantong Guomai into its digital cluster network. In March, Chongqing Railcom began issuing numbers for its digital cluster based cell phones. Competition will inevitable be fierce in the near future.


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