Zhou Jingbo, an e-commerce teacher from a Nanjing college, has reported 63 government websites to the Ministry of Information Industry, accusing them of not displaying their registration serial numbers or providing adequate links on their websites.

The 63 websites that Zhou reported to MII cover various government levels, ranging from that of the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Public Health to local government departments. Zhou said these websites did not provide the registration verification signs on their websites nor link to them via the MII's registration management system, according to relevant Chinese regulations.

In response to Zhou's accusations, some website operators say that they know very little about the regulations, but they will correct the missing links at their websites. But local media report that other websites believe that Zhou is making a fuss about a small issue.

A representative from MII says that these websites have indeed broken relevant regulations, but MII has not yet worked out ways to punish them.


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