AsiaInfo Holdings, Inc., a provider of software and solutions in China, this month announced the official launch of OpenBOSS Version 1.5 (BOSS stands for business operation support system).

OpenBOSS Version 1.5 is designed to seamlessly handle a wide range of enterprise-vital functions for Chinese telecom providers including data collection, billing, accounting, settlement, comprehensive reporting, customer service, customer relationship management (CRM), integrated channel management, and decision support.

AsiaInfo has already deployed BOSS in nine China Mobile provincial subsidiaries. Previously, each solution was built separately based on specific customer requirements. AsiaInfo's OpenBOSS Version 1.5 integrates the core features of all projects into one standardized OpenBOSS Solution product with repeatable components and open architecture. The new product initially targets the nine China Mobile provincial subsidiaries that deploy AsiaInfo's BOSS solution and upgrade their existing systems every year, as well as the twenty-two other subsidiaries that have not yet deployed the company's solution.

The OpenBOSS Solution product is based on AsiaInfo's seven core software products designed with open architecture to facilitate further development and customization for specific purposes. OpenBOSS Version 1.0 was developed by AsiaInfo last year; the new version adds improved functionality and increased standardization.

Separately, AsiaInfo also announced that it has recently signed a number of new BOSS related contracts with China Mobile subsidiaries, these are summarized below:

– BOSS phase two upgrade contract with Zhejiang Mobile to provide an application software solution for disaster redundancy;

– Contract with Inner Mongolia Mobile to further develop its OSS system;

– BOSS contract with Guangxi Mobile for its GPRS and PSTN access services;

– BOSS system maintenance and services contract with Jiangxi Mobile;

– Phase three upgrade contract with China Mobile for its certifying and billing center;

– Service contract with Sichuan Mobile for their billing system and call center;

– BI phase two contract with Shanghai Mobile; and- Call Centre upgrade contact with Ningxia Mobile.


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